CANCELLED – Workshop #4 – Integrating Information to Support Fire Management

11 Apr 2016
8:30 - 12:30
Oregon Convention Center

CANCELLED – Workshop #4 – Integrating Information to Support Fire Management

Instructors: Chris Marks, Grand Canyon National Park, Eric Gdula, Grand Canyon National Park, Casey Teske, Grand Canyon National Park.

Through the use of technology for spatial analyses, fire behavior modeling, decision support systems and post-fire monitoring, Grand Canyon Fire managers are able to make informed fire management decisions for all wildland fires (planned and unplanned) occurring in the Park. This workshop will walk participants through the fire management decision process at Grand Canyon National Park, from pre-fire planning to post-fire monitoring and analysis, thus providing an opportunity for participants to understand how fire science, ecology, and land management objectives are integrated into a fire management decision. A case study will be presented and participants will interact with instructors using scenarios to make decisions. While anyone may attend, this workshop is targeted to college students / early career professionals who are interested in any aspect of fire management, and who have little to no experience or understanding of what goes into making fire management decisions. Information is applicable at locations beyond Grand Canyon National Park.

Objectives: This workshop will be co-instructed by GCNP fire managers/specialists. Many of the conference presentation topics will be integrated into the workshop, highlighting how integrating the knowledge and practice of fire behavior and fuels management support sound choices in fire management. It is the instructors’ hope that this workshop will provide participants a foundation for understanding how science and technology are incorporated into fire management strategies and decision making (from a manager’s perspective) as they prepare for their careers beyond the classroom.

  1. Participants will be exposed to fundamentals used in decision making at G.C.N.P.
  2. Participants will interact with fire managers to make a decision in hands-on scenarios
  3. Participants will understand scientific aspects that go into fire management decision making
  4. Participants will understand ecological aspects that go into fire management decision making